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Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything, keeping on top of it is more crucial than ever before with forums and social network sites allowing people to voice their opinions easier than ever before.

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Travel & Tourism Marketing in Scotland

With the increasing importance of the Internet for travel and tourism businesses, HelpMeGo.To works to help businesses exploit the Internet to grow revenues, attract new customers across the whole year and help businesses develop exciting new products for the discerning traveler of today. We do this through a number of sites specialising in attracting different market segments to Scotland at different times of the year and week.
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Advertise on HelpMeGo.To sites

We have a number of advertising and marketing opportunities on our network which will suit businesses based in Scotland as well as specialist short break operators. Visit our marketing site Marketing Hotels Online foe more details and to contact us.

Search Engine Optimisation for Travel Businesses

We specialise in optimising travel websites for search engines. If you don't believe us, enter the term holiday in Google and see who comes number 1 of over 37 million possible entries. Search engine optimisation is about ensuring that your potential customers find you! If you are not getting around 40% of your business through the Internet, then your site is probably doing something wrong.
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PeaPod : your online sales and marketing department
PeaPod is an online sales and marketing solution developed specifically for the tourism industry. It supports multiple languages, provides sophisticated tools for managing online booking and has connections to GDS. Your business will become visible to a wider audience, and you will be able to market different products and services to different customer segments, simply and effectively. You will have total control to instantaneously create new offers and amend rates according to your immediate needs.
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Help with your web site?

Due to the success of our own travel sites we have been asked by several Hotels and other hospitality suppliers to help promote them through the Internet. We have developed a site totally dedicated to the hospitality industry. www.marketinghotelsonline.co.uk