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Opening Address:
Chair, Jeremy Narby, anthropologist and author of Le Serpent Cosmique.

Saturday 12th October 1996 10 am
Dreaming the West

How can western technological cultures engage fairly with shamanic cultures?

Eduardo Luis Luna, born in the Columbian Amazon, is a recognised authority on ayahuasca and author of Vegetalismo: Shamanism among the Mestizo Population of the Peruvian Amazon . Painter Pablo Amaringo, along with Luna, founded the Usko-Aya Amazonian School of painting and produced the acclaimed book Ayahuasca Visions, in which shamanic visions appear to include contact with non-human spacecraft. Connie Samaras, artist, has made various studies about the UFO abduction phenomena from the point of view of US/Hispanic culture and itŐs high incidence among white women. Roy Ascott is a pioneer of electronic networks in the sixties and seventies. His philosophy and practice of telematics both preceded and predicted the massive growth of the Internet in recent years. He will report on a web project involving pyschics in Brazil.

Saturday 12th October 1996 2 pm
Stalking the Wild UFO

What is the truth about aerial phenomena and the theories about a possible alien presence on Earth? Are they linked to the rapid development of technological extensions of humanity, or could we be communicating with the 'designers' of our genetic blueprint?

Vicki Cooper is the editor of UFO Magazine (US), a forum on extraordinary theories and phenomena which is recognised as the of the best authority and news media on both unidentified phenomena and its links with transpersonal philosophhy. Michael Heim is the author of The Metapyhysics of Virtual Reality in which he suggests that VR gives us a clue to the UFO experience because 'we still experience our technological selves as alien visitors...much like mediaeval angels' Jeremy Narby in his book The Cosmic Serpent argues that shamanic knowledge is a technique for communicating with an active element of DNA - a conscious and alive entity - and that this knowledge could be related to sightings of apparently extraterrestrial phenomena. Serena Roney-Dougal is a psychologist and parapsychologist who has researched the scientific, magical and spititual aspects of the psyche and is author of Where Science and Magic Meet.

Saturday 12th October 1996 4 am
Extension of the Senses

Richard West and representatives of The Shamen report on their group-mind sound experiments with rave audiences. What do experiments with our perceptions bring us in understanding our potential as humans?

Sunday 13th October 1996 11 am
Lost Knowledge

Did earlier civilisations have access to other knowledge sytems we are only now discovering? Are there patterned codes in nature to guide us towards the understanding of our future?

Robert Bauval, along with Graham Hancock, has written The Keeper of Genesis, a historical and scientific detective work which uses computer simulations of the ancient skies to crack the millennial code that the pyramids and the sphinx transcribe and describes the covert treasure hunt that has brought together senior Eygyptologists, high government officials and a strange esoteric organisation lurking behind the scenes. David Peat is the author of Blackfoot Physics and Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. With Leroy Little Bear he organised a series of circles for western scientists and native American elders. Beata Bishop is a Jungian psychoanalyst and author of A Time to Heal who has studied extensively the Elusinian Mysteries. Kathleen Rogers, who has selected this panel, will discuss the research behind her work 'Viper Science'

Sunday 4 pm
The End of Time

Are we heading for a major cataclysm, a massive shift in our perceptions as humans, or will it be business as usual at the end of the millennium?

As we finally approach 2000 and beyond there appear to be a number of agreements or alliances between different points of view. Some seem to fly in the face of scientific rationalism -some go hand in hand with it. Terence McKenna, for example, is predicting 'Timewave Zero - a mathematically worked out computer model which points to cataclysmic change in the way civilisation organises it s consciousness - in the year 2012 - a year which archaeologists agree to be the end of the Mayan Calendar. Others are predicting the end of language as we know it- with the rapid emergence of a visual and interactive cyberculture, coupled with the re-emergence of altered-consciousness values - evolution of the senses is now back on a public agenda. An open discussion between Linda Montano, Terence McKenna and other participants.

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