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PeaPod = Total Online Sales & Marketing Solution for Tourism Businesses
Over 50% of travelers now use the internet to plan their travel and some top performing independent hotels are achieving over 40% of their bookings online.  The Internet is the gateway to the world travel market. How does your business compete in the biggest travel market on earth?

PeaPod Fills Your Rooms!
PeaPod is an online sales and marketing service designed to increase occupancy levels whilst improving room rates. PeaPod increases the visibility of your business on the Internet; as well as enabling you to market and sell different products and services to different customer segments, simply and effectively. PeaPod gives you control to instantaneously create new offers and amend rates according to your immediate needs.
Our sites generate over 1 million pounds worth of enquiries per month; we do not advertise any where else as we rely solely on the Internet.  People attitudes are changing, no longer do customers say I wont buy online, they are more likely to say the reason I did not buy was because I could not buy online.PeaPod attracts the right customers, at the best rates, at the optimum time.

Why PeaPod?
There is nothing dotcom about PeaPod. The principles that underlie PeaPod are familiar to all marketers: the four Ps.  Price, Product, Promotion and Place. PeaPod will provide you with the tools to design new Products and to describe and Price them according to your exact requirements.  Individual Products can be Placed to specific geographical markets, travel agencies or even to individual groups.  Then together, we will Promote them through both your own website, and through other websites that are specifically aimed at capturing your target audience.With PeaPod you can position yourself in a differentiated way.

PeaPod Crowns You the hero Of Your Destination.
85% of all travelers choose their destination before they choose any suppliers. PeaPod is designed to get you in front of these potential prospects before they have made their choices. By becoming the hero of your destination, you can become the supplier of choice to undecided travelers. We can help you attract leisure and business customers.

PeaPod Helps You Sell
PeaPod Increase the number of customers visiting your site.
PeaPod Increase the conversion rate of customers i.e. sell to more potential customers.
PeaPod Increase the value of individual sales, by adding other products and services (Packages).
PeaPod Increase the amount of repeat business.