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About HelpMeGo.To and JobTime

The JobTime team has a volume of experience in recruitment and human resources, Internet marketing and advertising and service delivery.

About Paul Scott
Director of Recruitment
With over 19 years of commercial experience both in the UK and overseas, he has been involved in several business start ups focusing on business development and sales training. Before HelpMeGo.To Paul spent 6 years as a professional recruitment consultant recruiting interim managers and accountants for many of the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Paul joined HelpMeGo.To in the summer of 2004 and brings his expertise to successfully managing our portfolio of online recruitment campaigns for our clients. He also research's and develops and sells new products for HelpMeGo.To and its business partners.

About Mark Scott

Sales Director
After studying Hospitality Management in Newcastle Upon Tyne and realising that cleaning other peoples plates in hotel kitchens was not what he wanted to do. Mark setup his first business MS Millennium Marketing in Edinburgh in 1995 which grew to 1.5m turnover in its first two years and opened offices in Nottingham, Glasgow, Leicester, Sheffield and Dundee. In 2002 Mark's next project was to setup GoBananas.com which was focused on creating an online community for small to medium sized businesses. With Marks drive and passion Go-bananas signed up 250+ business members in the first two weeks.

Mark joined the HelpMeGo.To team in January 2003 with responsibility for developing the sales and marketing for HelpMeGo.To and its clients. With his "no-nonsense, tell them what they need to hear" approach he has grown both HelpMeGo.To and our clients sales and profits.

Sholto Ramsay
Managing Director
After experience in television current affairs, advertising and various internet businesses, he helped found start HelpMeGo.to in late 2002 in Edinburgh. HelpMeGo.to now sells travel throughout Europe and manages online recruitment services on behalf of 50 companies using the JobTime system.


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