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New for 2010

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We have been working hard to provide our customers with a whole raft of new tools for 2010. Amazingly, they are all coming on stream at about the same time:

  • tools to help you post ads to dozens of job boards all at the same time
  • parsing tools that take that boring CV and make it easy for you to read and understand
  • Applicant tracking tools to make it easy for you contact, schedule and welcome candidates
  • Powerful email tools so that you never need to worry about logging in or working from the office.

One post fits all...

Why waste time posting ads one board at a time when you can post to them all in one click - yep that's coming to you first quarter. If you cannot wait: speak to Paul

No more CVs

From now on, we will break all those CVs down so you can quickly information about people. We will even show you where they are on a map! Simple.

Track em!

No more bulging inboxes... everything gets added to one database so you can peruse candidates quickly and contact even quicker.


If there is one problem clients have more than any other, its issues with emails. With our super new webmail you can be sure to get email wherever you are, on whatever machine and its all stored online.