Search Engine Optimisation for Travel Businesses

We specialise in optimising travel websites for search engines. If you don't believe us, enter the term holiday in Google and see who comes number 1 of over 37 million possible entries. Search engine optimisation is about ensuring that your potential customers find you! If you are not getting around 40% of your business through the Internet, then your site is probably doing something wrong.

We approach search engine positioning like any other marketing campaign. We ask...

  • Who are your potential prospects
  • What are they looking for
  • Other the different groups, are some valuable than others?
  • What proposition do we need to put to them.

Out of these questions comes a customer strategy which we translate into specific search engine tactics. These include:

  • Optimising for specific keywords
  • Improving the overall content of the site
  • Reducing and eliminating designs elements that undermine search engines
  • Tracking success and looking to improve results over time.