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Social Media Maestros

Teena Jacob

Our Team - Social Media Maestros
Poised with a smiling face, Teena is the Search Engine Optimiser of HMGT by profession. She amuses others with witty comments and facial expressions. She has her own opinion and comments on everything talked in the office. Teena is a singer and she listens to melodious songs to keep energised. Her other interests include sewing, learning new patterns & designs on garments in free time.


Our Team - Social Media Maestros
Divya Divya seems to go by the axiom 'a smile is a curve that sets everything straight'. Ever smiling and welcoming, Divya takes things light and easy in both her personal and professional lives. Facing each day as it comes, this post graduate in Computer Science is eager to learn things and to pick up the latest SEO techniques and tactics. Dreaming to excel in her field, she spends her free time  between music and her friends.


Our Team - Social Media Maestros
SholaBubbly and gregarious, Shola likes to be in the company of her friends and is quite popular among them for her wits. An  engineering graduate, she chose to be an SEO as she loves  to unravel the challenges and the puzzles  of search engine optimization by the application of her smart logic. With music and movies being  her next best passions, Shola dreams big and strives for perfection in whatever she does. However, she candidly admits her strong belief in the invisible hands of fate in her life.

Sara Punnoose

Our Team - Social Media Maestros

Sara is the poised lady with an even temperament. With a vast teaching experience behind her, she still learns with the eagerness of a school girl. One of our SEOs, Sara works hard to increase the hits of our websites. Cooking being one of her passions, she loves to experiment with her culinary skills. Some of us have been lucky to sample the delectable dishes she whips up.


Remya Raj A

Our Team - Social Media Maestros
Remya Raj ARemya is a cheerful person who spreads her smile to cheer her friends at HMGT. She works with dedication and expertise to untie the cords of SEO and has the solution for every issue in optimisation. The educational qualification and love towards her profession has made her passionate enough to excel in site optimization and link building. She's a film buff, ardent fan of the super star Mammooty and a passionate music lover. Patriotism is in her blood and goosebumps keeps coming when she listens to patriotic songs.